Pontop Pike

Pontop Pike (take 2) from Intermittent Transmissions

The mast was built in 1953 and its construction was brought forward by the BBC so that people in North East England could watch the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II live on the 405-line television system VHF then in use in the UK. Test transmissions from a low-power temporary aerial began on Monday, 20 April 1953, and the first programmes were transmitted on Friday, 1 May 1953, in plenty of time for the Coronation on 2 June. UHF transmissions (625 line colour) began in 1966 and the VHF television signal was switched off in 1985.
Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontop_Pike…smitting_station


This is a suite of short pieces dedicated to and inspired by the memories of a place in my life. No nostalgia. To my relatives and friends who lived and worked in old Hartlepool, a place on the North East coast of England commonly known as the Headland.

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