The Hermetic Library Anthology Album – Magick, Music and Ritual 10

 The Hermetic Library Anthology Album - Magick, Music and Ritual 10 Ace of Space tracks Lording it up in a World Full of Weirdos from the up coming album A Gentler World and Heugh Lighthouse from Headland appear on The Hermetic Library Anthology Album – Magick, Music and Ritual 10.

Magick, Music and Ritual 10, the one and only album release for 2014 from the Hermetic Library Anthology Project, was released at the Autumnal Equinox, Sun in Libra, 2014, with 26 tracks and over 2 hours of music by 21 artists, new and returning voices, and some tracks exclusive to the Hermetic Library and this anthology.

Headland – Wear on the Pulse Review

Ace Of Space – Headland

Ace of Space - HeadlandThis is the latest album by Ace Of Space which is Paul Le Hat’s cinematic electronica music project. To him his music is about “capturing the moment, just like taking a photograph or snapshot, in musical terms” which is a beautiful way to think of music we think.

Back to his latest album, just as the name suggests ‘Ace of Space’ this musical endeavour is something out of the ordinary – by this I mean it is a fusing of mellow beats overladen with various electronic musical machines that make each song sound ‘Space’ like.

It has to be said rather than the harsh rapid sound you would expect from electronic music this album is very calming from the atmospheric feel it creates through the use of echoing guitar riffs and sweeping soundscapes. It is one for those who love the old electronica sound from the sixties.

Ruth Edmundson



This is a suite of short pieces dedicated to and inspired by the memories of a place in my life. No nostalgia. To my relatives and friends who lived and worked in old Hartlepool, a place on the North East coast of England commonly known as the Headland.

Available only from bandcamp as a Pay What You Want download:

E mare ex industria

AoYT Review

Ace of Space - All of Yesterday's TomorrowsAce of Space – All of Yesterday’s Tomorrows

One man band Ace of Space’s ‘All of Yesterday’s Tomorrows’ long player opens with ‘New Ways to Travel in Style, Comfort and Luxury’, a bustling techno track with a spooky Middle Eastern vibe. What follows is an eleven track foray into an electronic, atmospheric haze, with a generically unusual line in classic rock guitar riffs and ethnically inspired samples that elevate it above the its spacey electronic peers. Short, individual bursts of sweeping cinematic visions, ranging from eclectic sixties chill-out tracks to racing, sci-fi nightmares, this record is a mesmerising collection of intricately plotted mini soundscapes.

Nic Wright

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Ace of Space - All of Yesterday's TomorrowsAce of Space – All of Yesterday’s Tomorrows

Paul Le Hat sent us an email asking us to listen to his music. It happens. Though this time we were pleasantly surprised. In fact, so much so that we asked him if he’d do a mix tape for us, which he did and it is on the next page.

What I like about Ace of Space’s take on electronic music is the use of real instruments. Sure, it’s a one man band, but one who knows more than just how to push buttons and hit keys. There’s a lot of harking back to the progish era of years gone by, which is never a bad thing. I can’t help but think of Ozric Tentacles or Tangerine Dream when I listen to the album. Not that it sounds specifically like either of them, but rather offers up a similar vibe for me.

At it’s heart it is a classic instrumental rock album with eastern influences meshed together with electronica, techno and a dash of breakbeat. And it does it all well. Faceless music only breathes when it comes with a little bit of soul. And this one breathes nicely.

Update 2012: Sadly, the site has ceased operation. You can listen to the mixtape here.