The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour, the third collection of songs from Ace of Space was initially inspired by The Red Copy Book of William Beckworth and his travels as a young man in Europe before the Industrial Revolution. Ace of Space’s Grand Tour is also a journey of imagination and memory of travelling throughout the European mainland. In some cases it is also a wish list of things to do in life, landscape painting anyone?

Available for download worldwide.

All of Yesterday’s Tomorrows

An eleven track foray into an electronic, atmospheric haze, with a generically unusual line in classic rock guitar riffs and ethnically inspired samples. Short, individual bursts of sweeping cinematic visions, ranging from eclectic sixties chill-out tracks to racing, sci-fi nightmares, this record is a mesmerising collection of intricately plotted mini soundscapes.

‘Lilly’s Theremin’ is inspired by the documentary Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey, its inventor Léon Theremin and one of the first virtuoso players of the instrument, Clara Rockmore. There is intrigue, mystery and espionage in the spy theme ‘Agent Brilleaux’ and is dedicated to Lee Brilleaux, the former lead singer of Dr. Feelgood. And continuing to pay homage to other musical influences Ace of Space tackle Barry Gray’s TV theme from ‘The Persuaders’.

Available now from Bandcamp here.

Best Of Myspace Nomination

Gill MillsThank you to all and sundry who nominated us for the Best of Podcast. The track ‘Jellyfish’ appears on best of myspace 85. Thanks Gill Mills, we can understand the Tales of the Unexpected reference and dark bubbling synths, but marsh gas!? That must of been sherry inspired. Chin, chin. ;o)

Don’t forget peeps to vote for ‘Jellyfish’ to go forward for a play in Gill’s NME radio show on Sundays 4-6 GMT.

Jellyfish Video

This video comes to you via the Bluebird Project in America. We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to them for taking time to listen and for creating what was the first Ace of Space video from the album Cluster.

Best of Myspace


2008 was a busy year for Ace of Space, writing a number of new tunes and learning new technologies that culminated in ‘Cluster’, an album available both as download and limited CD.

The track Jellyfish has featured on many UK top podcasts shows including iZZiE Voodoo’s ‘Voodoo Quota Show’ and Rowley’s ‘DarkCompass’ and ‘Made in the UK’.

“an absolutely lovely old school electronica sound” Rowley (DarkCompass).

Early in 2008 a transcription was made of ‘A Warm Place’ from Nine Inch Nails 1994 album ‘The Downward Spiral’ for Roy Mugwe’s 2008 documentary film ‘A Safer Place’. This led to Ace of Space’s Paul Le Hat providing original music for the short independent film ‘Disconnected’.

In between all this activity time was also found to remix ‘Red Dress’, a Dragonhead song from the album ‘Slipstream Science’.

Paul Le Hat – Guitars and other machines
Produced by Ace of Space and mixed at SR2
Mastered by Geoff Peg
Dedicated to Eric.