Ace of Space – A Gentler World

Paul Le Hat – Guitars, Keyboard, Drums, and other machines. With guest Mike Barclay – Bass, Rhythm Guitar.* All tracks by Paul Le Hat except track 3 Paul Le Hat / Mike Barclay. Recorded at The House of Veils, Northumberland and Room 12, The Bunker, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear. Mixed by Big G and Ace […]

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This is a suite of short pieces dedicated to and inspired by the memories of a place in my life. No nostalgia. To my relatives and friends who lived and worked in old Hartlepool, a place on the North East coast of England commonly known as the Headland. Available only from bandcamp as a Pay […]

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The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour, the third collection of songs from Ace of Space was initially inspired by The Red Copy Book of William Beckworth and his travels as a young man in Europe before the Industrial Revolution. Ace of Space’s Grand Tour is also a journey of imagination and memory of travelling throughout the European mainland. […]

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All of Yesterday’s Tomorrows

An eleven track foray into an electronic, atmospheric haze, with a generically unusual line in classic rock guitar riffs and ethnically inspired samples. Short, individual bursts of sweeping cinematic visions, ranging from eclectic sixties chill-out tracks to racing, sci-fi nightmares, this record is a mesmerising collection of intricately plotted mini soundscapes. ‘Lilly’s Theremin’ is inspired […]

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2008 was a busy year for Ace of Space, writing a number of new tunes and learning new technologies that culminated in ‘Cluster’, an album available both as download and limited CD. The track Jellyfish has featured on many UK top podcasts shows including iZZiE Voodoo’s ‘Voodoo Quota Show’ and Rowley’s ‘DarkCompass’ and ‘Made in […]

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