Ace of Space – Intermittent Transmissions

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With the passage of time comes responsibilities, not only with one self but with other people. Increasingly, in a world moving faster and faster towards information overload, mass observation by governments, environmental degradation, the steady collapse of 20th century capitalism and warped media saturation, some of the human race are trying to reassess and realign themselves with what is important to living in the post modern era.

This is not disillusionment, this is not nostalgia, this is not regression, this is not the age of Aquarius, and most definitely not a new religion in any shape or form. Still we must learn from the past and at the same time learn to confine our prejudices to history. Who wants to live in a new dark age? Who wants to live like skeletons? If we are to truly communicate it could be with a broader, more universal outlook in mind in a world without borders, without hierarchy, without kings or queens, without secrecy at any level.

So far it is working, but the transmissions are intermittent.

The Miller Man.


Paul Le Hat – Guitars and other machines.
All compositions by Paul Le Hat.
Recorded at The House of Veils in Northumberland.
Mixed by Geoff Peg and Ace of Space.
Mastered by Geoff Peg for Halcyon Associates.
Pontop Pike, Co. Durham, photographed by John-Paul Stephenson.

These original sound recordings may contain sporadic samples from radio and ambient sample sounds recorded in the Northeast of England.

© Ace of Space/Paul Le Hat 2013
Published by Maori Music Publishing UK 2013.
All rights reserved. Reproduction prohibited.

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