All of Yesterday’s Tomorrows

An eleven track foray into an electronic, atmospheric haze, with a generically unusual line in classic rock guitar riffs and ethnically inspired samples. Short, individual bursts of sweeping cinematic visions, ranging from eclectic sixties chill-out tracks to racing, sci-fi nightmares, this record is a mesmerising collection of intricately plotted mini soundscapes.

‘Lilly’s Theremin’ is inspired by the documentary Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey, its inventor Léon Theremin and one of the first virtuoso players of the instrument, Clara Rockmore. There is intrigue, mystery and espionage in the spy theme ‘Agent Brilleaux’ and is dedicated to Lee Brilleaux, the former lead singer of Dr. Feelgood. And continuing to pay homage to other musical influences Ace of Space tackle Barry Gray’s TV theme from ‘The Persuaders’.

Available now from Bandcamp here.