Cluster Review

Ace of Space - Cluster (2009)Ace of Space – Cluster

With tracks named ‘Peter Defeats The Death Ray’, ‘Alan’s Winter’ and ‘A Memory Palace’ many would be expecting Flaming Lips style weirdary from Ace of Space and in a certain respect it is. It’s oddball, fantastical, slightly prog, only it’s electronica rather than psychedelic pop.

There’s pacey, 80/90’s dance floor filling numbers like the aforementioned ‘Peter Defeats The Death Ray’ (which was recently played on BBC 6 Introducing… by Tom Robinson), ‘Bruce McLean’ and ‘A Memory Palace’ alongside slower, down tempo Eno and Boards of Canada style tracks like ‘Jellyfish’, the connotations of the track name combining with the meandering music to take you on a journey through the oceans, ‘10th of June’ and ‘Pleasure or Regret’ where a clean guitar floats about on top of soothing bleeps and beats.