Cluster Review

Ace of Space – Cluster With tracks named ‘Peter Defeats The Death Ray’, ‘Alan’s Winter’ and ‘A Memory Palace’ many would be expecting Flaming Lips style weirdary from Ace of Space and in a certain respect it is. It’s oddball, fantastical, slightly prog, only it’s electronica rather than psychedelic pop. There’s pacey, 80/90’s dance floor […]

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Jellyfish Video

This video comes to you via the Bluebird Project in America. We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to them for taking time to listen and for creating what was the first Ace of Space video from the album Cluster.

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2008 was a busy year for Ace of Space, writing a number of new tunes and learning new technologies that culminated in ‘Cluster’, an album available both as download and limited CD. The track Jellyfish has featured on many UK top podcasts shows including iZZiE Voodoo’s ‘Voodoo Quota Show’ and Rowley’s ‘DarkCompass’ and ‘Made in […]

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